Monday, March 3, 2008

JOSH:The Plastics

I have chosen to study the 'Plastics' subculture. It is only a new subculture, being around for about 8 years. I find this subculture so strange and interesting. This is a subculture of money, opulence, fashion, cosmetics and being ruled by consumerism.
This group of people are quite materialistic and are ruled by the latest fads and trends.
Buying everything that opens and shuts, or what ever is 'said' to be cool.
The majority of the 'Plastics' are female but there is the odd boy that passes the 'metro' label and enjoys getting spray tans, wearing foundation and waxing there eye-brows.
The name of 'plastic' originates because of the plastic like look that they people have from the excess amount of make-up.

A movie that has given this Subculture more exposure is Mean Girls.

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stacy said...

do you think this subculture has evolved from the 80's yuppies?