Monday, March 10, 2008

hip hop

Hip Hop culture originated in New York amongst young Hispanic and African American communities during the late 1960's. Synonymous with rap, scratch music and graffiti art, the style encompasses the movements of break-dancing and body-po

Monday, March 3, 2008


Hardcore rock music is an offshoot of the punk rock movement, it began in the US in the late 70's/early 80's.  I will be researching the evolution of this subculture and the way in which it has mutated over the years to become what it is today.  There are many aspects to this subculture that i will also be touching on such as fashion, body art and magazines that have become as much a part of the subculture as the music.

LEILANI: Hip Hop Dance

I will be researching the Dancing part of the Hip Hop subculture, which is a prominent part of the subculture as a whole. Hip hop dance covers the dance styles like Hip Hop, BBoy, Krump,  mainly street dance styles, that are danced to Hip Hop music, or have evolved as a part of the Hip Hop Culture.

ABBY: Cool Surfing

I will be researching about the surfing subcultures. There are a lot of things to do with surfing like clothing, sunglasses, watches, wetsuits, surfboards and keychains. It’s about looking good and being comfortable on a hot day. Very cool! There a great graphics related to the surfing culture.

govinda: snowboarding


Snowboarding is a relatively new sport that has become more popular in the last decade creating a subculture of its own. It evolved from a combination of skiing and surfing and skating. Snowboarders ride down snowy mountains on a board similar to a skateboard without wheels. It originated in the US but is now popular internationally and one of the Winter Olympics official sports.

JOSH:The Plastics

I have chosen to study the 'Plastics' subculture. It is only a new subculture, being around for about 8 years. I find this subculture so strange and interesting. This is a subculture of money, opulence, fashion, cosmetics and being ruled by consumerism.
This group of people are quite materialistic and are ruled by the latest fads and trends.
Buying everything that opens and shuts, or what ever is 'said' to be cool.
The majority of the 'Plastics' are female but there is the odd boy that passes the 'metro' label and enjoys getting spray tans, wearing foundation and waxing there eye-brows.
The name of 'plastic' originates because of the plastic like look that they people have from the excess amount of make-up.

A movie that has given this Subculture more exposure is Mean Girls.

ALEC: Sneaker sub-culture is fresher than fresh!

I chose to research the undeniably intruguing sub-culture of the sneaker. Sneakers have been around for a good while now but, the art of loving and collecting sneakers is a relatively new phenomenon. Sneaker loving and collecting takes its roots from various sub-cultures namely, b-boying, street fashion and design. What started out as a neccessety has rapidly evolved into a quest for the ideal sneaker!